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This site is a personal website and blog run by Dr. Erik Goluboff, a highly experienced doctor and entrepreneur. Here, you will be able to find loads of information and advice about entrepreneurship strategies and trends along with a full bio for Dr. Goluboff and his history of accomplishments.

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This website was made by Dr. Erik Goluboff to give information about entrepreneurship, which is one of his passions. Dr. Goluboff is an entrepreneur himself, and earned his MBA at NYU's Stern School of Business. His specializations included corporate finance, financial instruments, and management, and Dr. Goluboff follows all the trends to stay up to date with the field. He is an avid entrepreneur, and is well versed in the tricks of the trade. This blog is designed to provide information geared toward individuals at all different levels of knowledge, from those who are just starting out to those who have been successful entrepreneurs for many years. Check out our Blog Page to view informative articles, or click the About tab to view a full history and bio information for Dr. Goluboff.

Dr. Erik Goluboff

Dr. Erik Goluboff

New York, NY Medical Doctor

With three decades of experience, Dr. Erik Goluboff is a respected authority in the field of urology. In 1990, he graduated from Johns Hopkins University, where he received his medical degree. Today he works at Genentech, where he serves as the Principal Medical Lead for their urologic cancer drug development program. Dr. Goluboff has also worked for AstraZeneca, and before that he spent almost thirty years as an academic urologic oncologist.


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If you are an amateur entrepreneur or even if you are a longstanding professional in the field, there is no doubt that you will find a valuable resource in our blog, which contains tips, trends, and current information about today’s trends in the field of entrepreneurship. You will also have access to advice that comes directly from Dr. Erik Goluboff’s wealth of experience. To learn more about Dr. Goluboff, just visit the About Page for his full bio.

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Entrepreneurship is arguably one of the most profitable markets to be involved in today. When all you need is the right idea to get started, there are a myriad of opportunities just waiting to be realized. The market is constantly in flux, and right now is a great time to find out more about it and get yourself involved in a way that works for you. Dr. Goluboff’s knowledge and experience have assisted him in becoming a respected leader in the field.


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